Chris Moss Acid 'Righteous Acid Beats' EP

by Chris Moss Acid


Belfast born imprint Computer Controlled Records follow up on their acid rich debut Explorer EP from Mark Forshaw with a five tracker from Chris Moss Acid on a release that also features a jacking collaboration with Breakin’ Records owner and all time don DMX Krew. It marks the third in a run of original EP’s from Chris Moss Acid who’s been enjoying something of a renaissance in his productivity, releasing with a host of top grade labels from to Jerome Hill’s revered and uncompromising techno imprint Don’t and Dutch electronic hub Shipwrec.

Here he delivers his five track Righteous Beats EP which is set off on the A side by Spatial Dimensions where discordant synths and bell powered melodies are ignited by driving percussion atop a pulsating bass line. Second track The Shamen rolls off driving drum fills and 303 acid lines illuminate the track as Moss Acid takes things up into peak time techno sphere until the A side is summated with his collaboration with DMX Krew, Where Is Your Jack, in a rawer toned track, featuring a jittering bassline and off kilter drum patterns which rove between distorted acid lines.
The B side carries two dense and dark techno numbers to complete the acid romp; title track Righteous Acid Beat is marched along by yet another driving bass line as a pistol shots of noisy high hats punctuate the track. Ominous chants of “We’re gonna get you” lead us into final track Getchu where dark tension rides a brooding and dense techno horror story.


released September 9, 2015

Written and Produced by Chris Moss Acid
Mastered by MA Spaventi
Artoek by Wood1